This Florida Homeowner Got His Pipes Repaired, For Free


“I think I put my plumber’s kids through college.” David Ayers bought a house in Florida that was built in the 1950s and what came along with finding a home for his family was a pipe system that plagued them for years. Sewage backups, plumbing leaks, cracks — it’s not how you want to live. […]

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What You Need to Know If Your House Was Built Before 1975

what you need to know

If you live in a home built before 1975, your pipes are probably made of cast iron, and you should check them for damage. Your pipes may be hidden underground or in the basement, but an ounce of prevention will be worth a pound of cure. You don’t want to end up like this family, which was forced […]

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Citizens Property Insurance Rewrites Policies to Deny Coverage for Water Damage

home insurance policy

In a September 2014 editorial for Miami’s Community Newspapers, “Some sound advice for dealing with cast iron plumbing woes,” Hal Feldman wrote: As you might expect, as more homes are found with this issue, insurance companies are doing what they do best; denying and delaying current policyholder claims and quickly re-writing new policies to exclude […]

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Telltale Signs Your Plumbing System Has Failed

cast iron pipe problems

The topic of cast iron waste pipe corrosion has been Googled thousands of times and discussed on numerous online forums. One contributor describes “a crack about 8″ long on the top of the large iron sewer line that runs through my basement. The surface of the pipe has some brownish-orange rust.” This is a classic case […]

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