This Florida Homeowner Got His Pipes Repaired, For Free


“I think I put my plumber’s kids through college.” David Ayers bought a house in Florida that was built in the 1950s and what came along with finding a home for his family was a pipe system that plagued them for years. Sewage backups, plumbing leaks, cracks — it’s not how you want to live. It gave his plumber plenty to do, though.

David estimates that he had to call his plumber 14-15 times over a period of eight years. He had to pay for them all out of his own pocket.

But one day, David saw a Morgan & Morgan Insurance Recovery Group ad talking about a serious problem that potentially hundreds of thousands of homeowners are facing: The cast iron pipes installed in houses built before 1975 across the state were corroding and failing, leading to serious and expensive damage to plumbing systems and even walls and foundations. And the kicker is, those homeowners’ insurance policies might cover the cost of replacement.

So David called Morgan & Morgan Insurance Recovery Group, and the rest is history. His insurance policy was reviewed and Morgan & Morgan Insurance Recovery Group went to work for him, eventually securing a free pipe replacement, which means a potentially boosted home value and years of future peace of mind.

“We lived in that house for 12 years, and we had no idea what was going on,” says David. “We’re getting educated now, and I think the public is getting educated. A lot of people are dealing with this, and they probably don’t know it.”

Calling Morgan & Morgan Insurance Recovery Group ended up making a big difference for David and his family. If you or someone you know owns a home built before 1975, contact us today for your free, no-risk consultation. We might be able to make a big difference for you, too.